Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman

This book is a bit of a personal memoir of Richard Feynman, the renowned physicist most famous--perhaps--for The Feynman Lectures, a series of easy-to-understand talks about relatively complex topics in Physics. His unique combination of dizzying intelligence and laid-back persona is attractive.

Surely You're Joking is an account of his life from the time he, as a grad student, worked on The Manhattan Project in Los Alamos and through much of his professional career. It has moments where it seems like Feynman is bragging about being oh-so-smart, but he's completely forgiven when you realize that he actually is oh-so-smart.

Interesting man. Interesting book.


The One Thing

This book was recommended via the Bigger Pockets Podcast. It was written by the founder if Keller Williams, the US's largest real estate company, and--well, it's a bit laborious.

The premise? Our attention is divided, and we will have better results if we pare down everything in our lives--all the stresses, all the worries, all the work that surrounds us--to just one problem to come back to. This one problem, then, becomes a mantra for you. Whenever something pulls at your attention, ask yourself, Does this support my ONE thing? If it does, great! Keep on going. If it doesn't, pass the stresses by.

The premise is fine. It speaks to my heart.

The problem is that beyond what I've written here, the book says almost nothing else.

It turns out to be a frustrating book completely devoid of examples, anecdotes, or engaging material besides the repetition of the One thing.